St. Andrew Faith Pathways

What is Faith Pathways?
The St. Andrew Faith Pathways is an accessible faith enrichment program.  It is a episodic program that strives to deepens the faith of our candidates and enable them to better know, love and serve the Lord.  We have lessons for regular lessons and at-home (mission) assignments.  

Who can participate in Faith Pathways?
We realize students may be of other faiths and belief systems.  Jesus sat with sinners, the sick, and those who did not believe.   Jesus invites ALL to learn about him.  St. Andrew does too.  All are welcome to participate in the Faith Pathways program.  While we are proudly Catholic, but this program is open to all young adults 18 or older who have the ability to read and write.

What are the Intended Outcomes?

We seek to have all our candidates grow as disciples, and believe three experiences are key:  1) to encounter the Lord; 2) grow in our faith; 3) Share (witness) with others. Our framework for Faith Pathways is to Encounter, Grow and Witness.

What is this Program Based On?
The foundation for Faith Pathways is the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit's catechesis program.  We have enhanced and adapted it for our candidates.  The program architects are gifted Catholic inclusion thought leaders in the Catholic church in the Archdiocese of Detroit and across the U.S.  We are indebted to our program architects and proud to offer this one-of-its-kind program which we aspire to be life-changing for our candidates.

What Does it Consist Of?

  • Faith Pathways is a discipleship faith enrichment program specifically for people with disabilities.  The lessons include studying Scripture, learning about the Saints, learning about the Catholic Faith and Mass, after-class  (Mission) assignments.  Faith Pathways is not a Sacramental preparation program. 
  • Reading and knowing scripture is vital to know Jesus and is therefore a core foundation of Faith Pathways. 
  • Saints are a powerful ally to "cheer us on" here on earth.  Every lesson will have a teaching on one of the Saints...including St. Andrew, our patron saint and namesake.
  • We plan to offer teachings from leaders in the Catholic Church - guest speakers who will offer their testimony, insights, and faith-filled inspirations.
  • All of what we do is rooted in Prayer.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church says "Nothing is equal to prayer, for what is impossible, it makes possible...(prayer) allow the Spirit to lead us..."  Our candidates will be covered in prayer.

What are the planned lessons?

There are 20 lessons in Faith Pathways.  Here are some of the topics:

  • Who is Jesus
  • Kerygma
  • The Sacraments
  • Discipleship
  • The Mass 
  • The 10 Commandments
  • Prayer and Spirituality
  • How to Encounter, Grow and Witness
  • Vocations
  • Charisms
  • Bible Revelations
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Morality
  • The Church as Teacher
  • The Church as Mother
  • The New Evangelization

How is this program different from typical catechism programs?  How was it adapted for people with disabilities?

  • This program was built from its very beginning intentionally for people with disabilities by inclusive thought leaders across the US Catholic Church.
  • All program material and delivery was developed specifically for people with disabilities.
  • All at home (Mission) assignments were developed to allow people with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways adapted for their unique abilities.
  • The pace of the program is adapted to the abilities of our participants.
  • All materials, content and delivery is fully accessible to accommodate people with all disabilities.
  • The program and content was developed by people experienced and gifted in delivering Catholic Faith programs for people with disabilities.
  • The program is taught by Catechists experienced and gifted in delivering Catholic Faith programs for people with disabilities.
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