Our Inspiration

The St. Andrew Academy was inspired by the son of one of our founders who was born with Down Syndrome.  His journey and overcoming his many challenges changed and inspired us.  As we became more aware of the challenges with disabilities we were horrified at the lack of opportunity and the life of pervasive hopelessness many people with disabilities experience.
We endeavored to do something about this.  Having experienced personally the immense opportunity and job potential in the IT industry, we began to initiate employment for capable, motivated people with disabilities.  We trained them with certified skills for entry level IT jobs.  What we found is it changed their life...and the lives of everyone they touched (including us).  They worked harder, had more impact and improved our business.
One success lead to another and resulted in us developing a program to enable employment for people with disabilities.  This model has evolved with best practices from our successes around the world.
We are leveraging these insights to deliver the St. Andrew Academy., the first program of its kind in the US Catholic Church and US Catholic school system which leverages our best practices in IT employment with a faith enrichment program we call Faith Pathways.
Our first cohort will begin in Summer 2021, in person and remote for candidates in the Archdiocese of Detroit.
All are welcome.  We are proudly Catholic but welcome all to achieve a life full of employment and spiritual riches.