Our Inspiration

The St. Andrew Faith Pathways program was inspired by Andrew.  Andrew was born with Down Syndrome.  His journey and overcoming his many challenges changed and inspired us.  We were surprised at the lack of inclusiveness for people with disabilities in many elements of society and we endeavored to change this. 
We assembled a group of gifted and inspired leaders in the Catholic church that developed the Faith Pathways lessons.  These lessons are intended to help our candidates to better know, love and serve the Lord. This program is the first program of its kind in the US Catholic Church.
Our first cohort will begin in the Winter 2022 with in person and remote sessions for our candidates. Each lesson includes lessons from scripture, lives of the saints and at home assignments.  The lessons are delivered by a local Parish leader collaborating with a gifted lead Catechist. 
All are welcome.  We are proudly Catholic but welcome all to achieve a life full of spiritual riches.
Click here to read a recent Word Among Us article An Angel among us that describes a spiritual encounter involving Andrew that inspired us.