St. Andrew Academy

Developing Potential, Deepening Faith, Enriching Lives

We are passionate advocates for people with disabilities dedicated to enriching lives by  developing their full human potential. 

Our goal is to bridge the great potential of our candidates to opportunities and a better life. We develop skills to secure in-demand Information Technology (IT) jobs and help amplify the Christian faith to enable a pathway to a better life.

It's what we are called to do. Only one in five people with disabilities have a job and most are part time.  One in four live in poverty.   Many abandon their Faith because of hopelessness. We seek to transform lives by developing the full potential of people with their career, in their life; to know, love and serve the Lord.

This program is the first ever in partnership with the US Catholic Church, but built on the successful model and best practices of secular "Bridge Academy" programs in the US and Europe..

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For people with disabilities:

Meaningful Employment is a Significant Challenge

Meanwile the IT Talent Gap is Increasing

Digital Transformation

St. Andrew Academy

Our Patron Saint

St. Andrew

Built on a foundation of success:

The St. Andrew Academy is built on the successful "Bridge Academy" programs.

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Student Candidates:

Bridge to a Better Life:
We are seeking aspiring, capable, and motivated students for our cohort 

We seek talented  candidates with 11th grade reading capability, 11th grade math equivalency,  interest in information technology, and aspiration for a better life.

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We seek organizations, influencers, and change-makers to join us.  We aspire  to deliver this program tuition-free through the generous support of our partners.

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Build your Brand:
People with disabilities represent a talented untapped labor pool.  Our candidates enhance your workforce, improve your productivity, enrich your culture, and expand your brand.  

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